Food is central to our approach and is a cornerstone of the service we provide. Children need a healthy and nutritious diet to achieve their optimum outcomes in terms of learning and development. It is of paramount importance to us that the food we serve your children is healthy, nutritious, freshly prepared, organic, unprocessed and responsibly sourced. It is also critical that it is diverse and delicious. We have worked with our in house chef Genarro to create a wonderful menu that ensures both cooking and dining are positive, pleasurable experiences for your child.

Food is the fuel children need to maintain their active lives but food and dining is also an important social experience, it is in supporting this concept that Nannie Annie’s stands out from other providers. Our children are encouraged to eat together promoting and developing dining and social skills. Independence skills will also be encouraged through free access to healthy drinks and snacks at key periods throughout the day

Our children’s kitchen, which is a full, miniature working kitchen will enable and encourage children to come together to try new recipes and taste new foods. We will support them to bake and cook and enjoy food as a social experience. Genarro will work with the children to create a range of opportunities for them to enjoy the sensory experience of the kitchen and support them to develop a wide range of formal and informal skills.

Nannie Annie’s philosophy around food builds on our home from home approach and will support your child to have positive dining experiences both at home and when eating out.