We appreciate how difficult it is for parents and families when choosing options for the care and education of their child. Your child is your most treasured possession and at Nannie Annie’s we take our responsibility seriously; we appreciate how privileged a position we are in when you chose to place your child with us. In response to your trust we promise that we will cherish your child. We will embrace them as part of the Nannie Annie’s family and we will create a stable, loving environment that enables and supports them to grow and develop.

With the support of our highly trained and committed staff and in a purpose designed, homely environment we will create an atmosphere and a culture that celebrates your child’s individuality and supports them to grow and develop at their pace and in their own unique way.

We will enable and support your child’s passion for exploration and discovery and from that create opportunities to support their learning and development. We have created a culture and approach to learning which will enthuse and encourage your child and develop the building blocks for life-long learning.

We have created an extension of the home learning environment. Together we will cook; create; garden; draw; paint; talk; sing; read stories; play and laugh. We will learn through experience using an environment that is friendly, welcoming and filled with natural resources.

The learning environment at Nannie Annie’s is one where your child will feel happy, contented and fulfilled. We have created a place and space where they will experience a sense of belonging and feel part of an extended family; somewhere they will feel valued and nourished; a place to make friends; to experience new things and above all a place that will be filled with fun, laughter and new opportunities creating lasting memories.